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Who's your Grandpa...?

Don't have time to look? Curious who your great grandparents, or great-great ancestors are? Not sure how to get started looking?

              DOORWAY TO YOUR PAST

                                                   Can help!

                   Let us do the research for you and help you find your relatives.

How does genealogy work? - It is said patience is a virtue; with genealogy it is a requirement. Researching your deceased ancestors can take hours, or days or months or even years to fit the jigsaw of your family together. The beauty of genealogy is you can select one or several people to research at your convenience. 

Genealogy research starts by taking all the information you have, beginning with yourself, and moving back through your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and on up the tree to find your ancestors. Even though our research is only done on the deceased, information from the living relatives can sometimes shed a light on the past. You may find one person, a multitude of persons or sometimes no one at all. At this point, the research results are just names. To be sure they are actually your ancestors, a deeper research of each person needs to be done. This is the area that patience is most needed.This is when you especially need Doorway To Your Past to help.

Whether you are doing the research yourself, or having someone help you walk through that Doorway To Your Past, the final results can be very rewarding. Your family tree is something that future generations will appreciate and enjoy.


It is important to remember that research results are not guaranteed.  Until you begin, you do not know whom you will find.